Archie’s World Phonics Pack

A three-level course for Pre-Primary education

Every day is a new adventure!

Archie’s World Phonics is a flexible phonics and literacy course which improves pronunciation in English and develops the reading and writing skills students will need in Primary school. The course has been developed specifically for non-native English speakers, who are also learning to read and write in their own language.


Phonics: Ángela Cofiño, Margaret Whitfield
Phonics stories: Nicole Irving



Archie’s World Phonics
Teaching Phonics? Add Archie’s World Phonics to your package or use it as a stand-alone course. 

  • It can be used as a standalone resource or with any Pre-Primary course (including Archie’s World Class Book or Archie’s World Play and Learn Pack). 
  • Introduce phonics in a systematic and rewarding way with the help of both digital and print resources including flashcards and songs. 
  • Children build up from playing and experimenting with sounds to blending, decoding, and recognising words in order to start reading and writing. 

Archie’s World Phonics Stories

Featuring Archie and his friends, these delightful, fully decodable stories increase reading confidence by helping young learners consolidate and practise blending and segmenting skills.

Each pack of Archie’s World phonics stories contains three readers per level (one story per term) and can be used alongside any Pre-Primary phonics course.

Discover more about the course in thishandy overview.


Archie's World links to My Little CLIL World as part of the Oxford Bilingual Journey. Learn more about our customisable framework, designed to support you and your students on the path to bilingualism. 

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