World Class

A seven-level course for Primary education

Start exploring, enjoy achieving

World Class is a LOMLOE-aligned course combining easy-to-teach lessons with a focus on global culture to help students achieve tangible results both in class and in external exams. The flexible entry and exit levels allow you to choose where to start and finish at the exact level your learners need.

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Cheryl Palin, Tamzin Thompson, Helen Casey, Kathleen Kampa, Charles Vilina, Michelle Mahoney, Joanna Ross, Diana Anyakwo


CEFR Pre-A1 – A2 / Pre-A1 – B1

  • With seven levels to choose from, World Class gives you the flexibility to choose where to start and finish at the exact level your learners need. Begin at the Foundation level to end at A2, or Level 1 to reach B1.
  • With extensive reading lessons and a writing focus programme, World Class develops students’ literacy skills and ensures they have the competencies and strategies to become confident and proficient writers.
  • Provide students with a solid language foundation, through the innovative 3-step vocabulary presentation and straightforward grammar presentations.
  • Each student can achieve their individual assessment goals through an inclusive approach to evaluation. Monitor their progress using the Test Generator and the digital Learning Record.
  • Prepare your students for exam success and beyond with integrated exam preparation and practice to sharpen their skills ahead of test day. Focus on global skills and worldwide culture to broaden your students’ horizons and prepare them to be world citizens.
  • Access interactive presentations and practice for all classroom situations with graded exercises in the Activity Book and digital resources through the Blended Solution.
  • World Class is designed as part of the Oxford Bilingual Journey. Learn more here about how English language teaching and content in English are united in our cross-curricular approach.

  • Learning Situations: Termly learning situations in World Class are structured around a topic question, which help students to reflect on issues and questions that they will encounter in their lives outside the classroom.
  • Competence based learning: World Class ensures that the Key Competences are developed methodically, including thinking skills activities and challenges. Competences are clearly highlighted in the Class Book and explained throughout the teacher’s notes. Competence-based assessment rubrics and Specific Competences tests facilitate implementation of the LOMLOE in the classroom.
  • Continuous assessment: A complete assessment package includes cumulative termly exams. The iProgress Check and Learning Record sections of the Active Learning Kit encourage students to learn independently.
  • Mediation: Mediation activities in every unit ensure the development of this language skill in the classroom. Teaching notes in the teacher’s book include easy-to-understand explanations.

Learn more here about how World Class incorporates the key features of the LOMLOE.

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