Technology and Digitisation GENiOX CLIL

GENeration OXford: ready and willing

A complete package that adapts to the bilingual needs of your classes, meets your demands, and helps you create a new generation committed to and prepared for the future.

  • CLIL approach: students actively develop their communication, comprehension and critical thinking skills as they learn the subject content.
  • Not simply a translation: the content has been carefully adapted to students’ English level at each stage.
  • The accessible language used boosts understanding and keeps students motivated.
    There’s plenty of vocabulary and academic language support, including a glossary.
    • Specific CLIL resources include: scaffolding worksheets, dictionary worksheets and extensive audio resources.
    • Language assistant activities to help you make the most of your classroom support.
    • Activitiesaudios with different accents.

  • Fosters students' individual growth and encourages students to respond to the challenges facing the world today (the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, children's rights, gender equality, and digital competence) so they develop necessary life skills.
  • Shows the contents of each section and the Learning Situation which the Projects and Guided Projects sections at the end of the book are based on.
  • Introduces practical skills sections to manage technical methods for working with tools and materials, Working with technology for managing information technology, Working with computers and Technology workshop for identifying technological problems and encouraging problem-solving processes.
  • Fosters the development of STEAM and Digital competences in the Revision Activities section.
  • Helps study and put knowledge into practice, using the boxes with interesting facts and ask questions based on everyday life, experiments, images, important procedure contents, graded activities, and references to all specific digital resources in every section.
  • Includes facts about how the technological and digital evolution is giving way to new concepts and products that are more environmentally friendly in Emerging technologies and sustainability. 

  • Specific sections for working on Key Competences, listed with icons.
  • Special attention given to digital competence through specific activities.
  • Learning Situations in each unit.
  • Diversity, inclusion and gender equality integrated comprehensively across all units.
  • Systematically incorporates proposals for achieving SDGs, education for sustainable development, and global citizenship.
  • Activities, sections, and resources designed to facilitate Continuous assessment.
  • Focus on defending children's rights, gender equality, physical and emotional wellbeing, and Sustainable Development Goals, in all areas. 

  • Teaching resources: Programaciones, answer keys, rubrics, related links, and more.
  • Digital resources: Concept maps, dictionary worksheets and scaffolding worksheets, and the Digital Book.
  • Continuous assessment: Test Generator, Oxford Exams, and online tests to make assessment and tracking easy.
  • Unit presentation: A summary of the key contents of the unit.
  • Digital revision activities to test knowledge in an interactive format.
  • Weblinks to expand students' knowledge and help them find information for research tasks.
  • Animations to visualise processes and mechanisms in a dynamic way.


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