Pompeii: Tiro's Story

It is early morning on a warm day in Roman Italy. Sixteen-year-old Tiro gets the water, makes breakfast, and works in the kitchen - like he does day after day. Tiro is a slave. But today is different. He is going to Pompeii for the first time. He is excited, but it is AD 79: and on Mount Vesuvius, very bad things are beginning to happen...

Oxford Bookworms Library is a readers series for secondary and adult learners, with seven reading levels from A1-C1. Including over 270 original and adapted texts graded and available with audio and in e-book formats, it ensures a comfortable read at every level.


Scott Lauder and Walter





Word count



Oxford Bookworms Library

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Stage 1


Cambridge English: Movers; Cambridge English: Flyers; Cambridge English: Key (KET); IELTS 1.0 – 3.0; TOEIC 120 – 545; TOEFL 8 – 56;

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