Life Vision

A six-level course for Secondary education

Your success. Now and in the future.

Life Vision gives students the skills they need now to pass exams with confidence and communicate with ease in English, with a robust four skills syllabus informed by the CEFR. Empower them to become responsible and successful global citizens in the future by developing comprehensive essential skills.

Blended solution

Your students can enjoy all the benefits of the print and the digital book for flexible learning wherever they are.


Jeremy Bowell, Jane Hudson, Paul Kelly, Carla Leonard, Weronika Sałandyk


CEFR A2 – C1

  • Build strong foundations for success in exams and beyond the classroom, with a carefully levelled four skills syllabus that contains a strong focus on exams, grammar, and vocabulary. Exam support includes clearly labelled exam-style exercises in the Student’s Book and Workbook and focused exam skills lessons.
  • Develop digital competence, with videos that reflect the way today’s teenagers share experiences and information. Transport students to real-world environments to develop digital literacy skills with 360° interactive images. Assign and track homework to keep students learning outside the classroom with gamified skills practice on the Active Learning Kit and enable them to become competent autonomous learners.
  • Boost students’ progress with extensive teaching materials including grammar, vocabulary and video worksheets. Access additional teaching resources graded at three levels of challenge on Oxford Premium. Adapt tests to the needs of your classroom with the Test Generator and save time with ready to teach interactive lessons on the iPack.
  • Empower students to become responsible and successful global citizens. Think and Share activities encourage students to think analytically, justify their answers, and challenge other opinions. Regular mediation tasks integrated in the unit allow students to practice this critical skill by summarizing, explaining, and translating information.

Prepare students for exams and enable them to develop mediation and analytical skills with Life Vision.

Exam-style exercises, focused exam skills lessons and activities on the Active Learning Kit help students tackle not only the next exam, but future exams, with confidence.

Meditation activities allow them to develop paraphrasing and summarising skills and become proactive users of English, all a digital and print flexible package that adapts to students’ needs.

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