My Little CLIL World

A CLIL project for Pre-Primary

Your jump-start to bilingualism

Children’s questions about the world lay at the heart of My Little CLIL World, sparking students’ curiosity and making every project unique. 

My Little CLIL World is a unique project designed specifically for the bilingual Pre-Primary class

The project-driven structure means that teachers have total flexibility to adapt the course to meet the needs of their classroom without limitations.  

All 6 projects in levels A and B are also available as individual modules.


Nina Lauder, Susan Bolland, Jessica Henderson, Marlena Kennedy


Starter, Level A, Level B

  • The perfect combination of flexibility and guidance: Created with insights into the way children acquire language skills, providing a supportive, organic learning path. 

  • Fun, engaging projects follow the curriculum while also including room for creativity: This project-driven approach inspires students’ imaginations and invites them to explore the world through exciting experiments, crafts, songs, and documentaries. 

  • Holistic approach promotes deep understanding of both language and content areas: Motivating resources created specifically for English learners develop thinking skills across all curriculum areas. 

  • Multiple discovery paths – all centred on enquiry-based learning – offer different ways of carrying out the projects: Introduction to the scientific method is inherent in every path, encouraging autonomous learning and critical thinking skills. 

  • Teacher’s materials include an iPack with songs, interactive posters, video tutorials for crafts and experiments, animations, and documentaries. 

  • Videos are presented in the format of a children's television program, with topics introduced in a fun and engaging setting

Find out how My Little CLIL World links to Archie’s World with Oxford Bilingual Journey, a customisable framework that supports you and your students on the path to bilingualism. 


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